Keg Rental and Leasing

Does the keg you have look like this?


MicroStar Logistics or KegCraft

MicroStar Logistics, although not a brewing company, manages ~3 million kegs on behalf of ~500 brewers.  These kegs are either branded with the MicroStar logo or a KegCraft logo as shown above.

If you find either a KegCraft or MicroStar keg, please call 800-245-2200 and their team will provide you the necessary information for keg retrieval or return. 

Brewers using the MicroStar or KegCraft pooled-keg program appreciate your help.  



Global Keg

Global Keg is the largest worldwide keg rental company whose entire keg float is equipped with both RFID and bar code tags which are tracked & traced throughout the global draught beer supply chain.  The Global Keg float consists of:  1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel, 1/6 barrel and 50 Liter kegs. 

Please call or email Thad Avvampato at (844) 900-9992.

Global Keg will be more than happy to assist you in the return of your assets at minimal cost.  Global Keg would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.